1969  Born inBeijing.

Recently Lives and works inBeijing.



2008  Critical Moment-New Media & Installation,Oriental Vista Gallery,Shanghai,China.

2008  ChinaGold - Contemporary Chinese Art,MuseumofMaillol,Paris,France.

2008  Homesickness - Memory and Virtual Reality Art Exhibition, T SPACE,Beijing,China.

2008  Hunting Birds - Art Exhibition,T SPACE,Beijing,China.

2007  ¥%⋯⋯@¥!#饿¥日- Contemporary Art Exhibition,Tang Contemporary Art Center , Beijing,China.

2006  Art’s Free Walk,OsageArtCenter,Hong Kong,China.

2006  Double-Kick Cracker,TangContemporaryArtCenter,Beijing,China.

2006  Regenesis:An Exhibition of Contemporary Art,HaikouMuseumof Contemporary Art,Hainan,China.

2006  Size Decides Attitude - First 5×7″Picture-Taking Biennale Project,Pingyao,Shanxi,China.

2006  Conversation 10+10,ZhengDaiMuseumof Modern Art,Shanghai,China.

2006  This Is For Real - An Exhibition of Chinese Contemporary Art,ZhuQizhanArt Museum,Shanghai,China.

2006  1st Cheonggye Arts Festival,SeoulKorea.

2006  Endless Clone,Cultural exchange space, Space leum,Beijing,China.

2006  The thirteen: Chinese video now,P.S.1ContemporaryArtCenter,Museum of Modern Art Affiliate,New York,American.

2005  City skin,MacaoTashiMuseum, Shenzhen Museum of Art,Shenzhen,China.

2005  Conspire,TS1ContemporaryArtCenter,Beijing,China.

2005  Renovation – Relations of Production, Long March Space,Beijing,China.

2005  The Thousands Years - Contemporary Art Exhibition,Post-ContemporaryCity,Beijing,China.

2005  A group exhibition by young video artists,Duolun Museum of Modern Art,Shanghai,China.

2005  To Each His Own - Contemporary Art Exhibition,Zero Field ExperimentalArtCenter,Beijing,China.

2005  The Second Triennial Of Chinese Art,TheNanjingMuseum,Nanjing,China.

2004  Fei,Fei,Fei - Contemporary Art Exhibition,DuolunMuseumof Modern Art,Shanghai,China.

2003  Distance,GuangdongMuseum of Art,Guangdong,China.

2001  Money Funny Honey,Top Space,Beijing,China.